Photo 5 reasons to choose a monastery for a personal retreat
29 Oct 2019

5 reasons to choose a monastery for a personal retreat

Nowadays, we can all find many places that offer the possibility for a spiritual retreat. Among them, the best known are the monasteries. They are renowned for providing you with an unsurpassed inner peace. If you have decided to make a retreat, but are still unsure of where you want to go, here are the reasons that can lead you to do it in a monastery.

5 reasons to make a retreat in a monastery

1- This is a good place to take an inner look over yourself

The quietness that reigns in a monastery allow you to always be in front of your conscience. That will force you to make a self-assessment, to see through your life and of your person. You will have no escape and no distraction.

That will give you an opportunity to take new resolutions in your life and you will find inner peace. In other words, you end up with yourself. It's a good way to start living again if you feel like doing so.

2- The monastery is a place to disconnect from everything

Have you just gone through a tough ordeal, and you cannot get anchored to start a new life? A trip to a monastery allows you to take a step back and ignore everything around you. You must know that life in a monastery is quite different. It can be considered to be the only place where technology has not found its way yet.

You can focus only on yourself without being disturbed by the outside world. The monastery is a place that Prem Rawat often advises his listeners during his conferences.

3- A monastery introduces you to the art of meditation

When you are faced to the existential problems of life, meditation is a bubble that offers you several advantages. It is very popular in a monastery. The people who come to do their spiritual retreat are initiated to this art of disconnection.

At the moment you will taste the art of mediation in a monastery, you will adopt it as a way of life and that will help you to easily face all the problems that may come in your way. Prem Rawat, the defender of peace practice this art as well.

4- A monastery can radically change your life

It should be noted that monastery has a very rudimentary kind of life. If you are used to living in opulence, taking a walk through that quiet place will for sure dramatically change the way you look at your life or life in general. Your stay in a monastery will help you to become less selfish and to be more sociable as well.

5- A monastery allows you to build relationships

Staying in a monastery is not the same as staying in a hotel. You have to participate in the housework and everything about life there. Despite the silence that is the watchword in these places, you will have lots of very friendly moments. You can find people who believe in the same value or who are looking for the same thing as you. Once your stay is over, you can keep in touch and win friends.